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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy

Written By Martin S Gildea DC CFMP DACBN on October 4, 2019


Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency is a cellular exercise therapy that restores body cells to their normal -energy state so the body can heal itself and maintain balance. Over 2000 University level double blinded medical studies from NASA, to countries all around the world have been done and more than 10,000 papers written on PEMF therapy.

Healthy cells have a normal charge between -70 and -90 millivolts. In fact, if we could screw a lightbulb in our ear, as Uncle Fester did on the Adams Family television show regularly, we have enough electricity in our bodies (the brain produces 30 watts) for it to light up! When cells do not have the right charge, their magnetic field has measurable imbalance, according to Harold Saxton Bur, Ph.D., which he says precedes the onset of pathology, i.e. pain, inflammation, degeneration etc. Yet, these symptoms won’t appear, however, until the cellular charge is impaired. NASA studied the effects of astronauts leaving the earth’s normal magnetic field how they became sick, their bones weakened, and their muscles atrophied. As a result, they outfitted both the space suits, ship and shuttle with magnetic field Schumann generators. The earth’s natural healing electromagnetic frequency, known as the Schumann frequency, is 7.8 HZ.

Similarly, with poor health issues, the cell charge is extremely low. The body needs to find this energy somewhere or it will eventually succumb to degeneration/disease. With cancer, for example, the frequency of the cell is down to +30 millivolts (remember the higher the number, the lower the voltage).  Science has discovered ways for one to recharge their cells, so they are healthy and in balance: exercise, raw foods (uncooked and unprocessed), natural spring water and magnetic fields. PEMF therapy energizes, hydrates (brings water in) and detoxifies waste out of the cell all simultaneously.  It bathes each cell in the body in pure, raw energy.   As stated above, the human body is electrical meaning each cell in the body is really a capacitor or battery which can hold a charge and therefore needs a certain amount of energy to function normally.  Daily, the body is constantly replacing old degenerated cells by regenerating new ones. PEMF therapy supports this constant cycle.

In today’s environment with so much electropollution from the “man-made AC or alternating current, all of the paved roads and sidewalks,  steel and concrete buildings, resulting in a less natural landscape, the body cells are becoming more deficient in energy as the earth’s natural electromagnetic Schumann healing frequency is becoming more elusive than ever to connect with

Remember to always do your own research before embarking in a series of PEMF treatments. There are multiple PEMF machines in the market with varying levels of power.  The magnetic energy produced by PEMF units can be as little as that of the earth’s magnetic field or as high as 10,000 times more powerful. Lower powered units are generally used for cellular health and bone healing. The higher-powered units, those in most doctor’s offices, are more commonly used with recovery from trauma, chronic pain syndromes as well as for control and improvement of degenerative diseases and are not sold to the public for private use.  Higher power PEMF machines usually have a variable control of the frequency and lower powered home PEMF units have a fixed frequency according to the manufacturer’s different theories.

 Contraindications to PEMF therapy are cochlear implants, pacemakers and defibrillators.  Other metal implants are fine with the treatment and unaffected.


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