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Most cancers have more of a lifestyle and exposure cause then a genetic one

Written By Martin S Gildea DC CFMP DACBN on October 11, 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone is looking for the cure, but shouldn't we be looking for the Cause? 

So, I am sitting here today thinking about how one out of three, maybe even one out of two people will get a cancer diagnosis at some time in their lives. I remember many patients over the years believing that getting cancer is simply fate saying, “when it’s your time, it’s your time and there is nothing you can do”. Well, unbeknownst to many, 85% of all cancers have more of an environmental cause related to lifestyle and exposures than a genetic cause. Surprisingly, only 5-15% of cancers are genetic or hereditary, caused by a specific cancer-driven genetic mutation.

For example, there is a chemical known as 4-nonylphenol which is found in dish and laundry detergents, cosmetics, lubricants and pesticides to name a few. This chemical will mimic estrogen and bind to estrogen receptors in breast tissue and is a trigger for breast cancer. Then because it mimics natural estrogen it will stay in the body longer and accumulate as the body often needs help to get rid of toxic chemicals. Another example is the chemical Glyphosate otherwise known as Round up- the weed killer. This chemical enters the body through skin absorption, by eating non-organic, GMO foods, and by drinking it in the water and recently has been linked to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The good news is that your exposure to these chemicals can be reduced and there are many safe natural ways to rid the body of them such as Infrared sauna, nutritional supplements and FCT (field control therapy) a form of homeopathy. Call now for a free lifestyle evaluation consultation at (717) 486-8189.