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What you think is good for you may not be what your body wants

Written By Martin S Gildea DC CFMP DACBN on October 21, 2019

This past week I was getting some intermittent stomach burning and trying to figure out if it was something I ate. I always thought that apple cider vinegar gave me a little burning sensation when I ingested some, but due to its accolades in health management I attributed it to something else. After all,  I have been drinking green shakes for the past twenty years with two tablespoons of Braggs Apple Cider Vineger in each one! My wife Becky made some pickled onions last week and I ate some for lunch every day. Guess what, they were soaked in when making them? Apple cider vinegar. Thus, I decided to test myself for apple cider vinegar to see if my body wanted it or rejected it. It rejected it! I also tested the Bragg's salad dressing I have been eating for many years and it also was rejected by my body. The important take away here is that a person really should get food sensitivity testing done foremost. Our food sensitivity test checks for 123 foods but there are so many others that you have to be aware of. In other words if there is a food you think may give you some symptoms, and was not a test food, you may need to be tested another way. The type of testing I do is called Bioresonance testing in which I am looking for a leg reflex when the food is entered into a patient's biofield. Needless to say, I am going to stop eating anything with apple cider vinegar in it!!!