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Vitamin D deficiency is very common

Written By Martin S Gildea DC CFMP DACBN on October 14, 2019

Today when I woke up it was 37 degreees out. It is really feeling like fall weather has started to settle in. Soon patients will start talking about how they miss the sunshine and how the overcast days don't help their mood any. Sunshine is so good for our bodies and is a source for vitamin D but most people need other sources. In fact, since over the past few months while running the usual lab work on patients, I noticed that almost every patient's Vitamin D levels have been very low with most values in the 20s! And I often find a correlation between depressed pateints and critically low Vitamine D levels.  Most labs have "normal range" Vitamin D values between 30-100 ng/ml and medical studies have shown the ideal level of Vitamin D to be 55 ng/ml but I like levels to be in the 70-80ng/ml.  For example, vitamin D is critical as both an immune modulator and down regulator of cancer cells and is also essential to block harmful substances from crossing the blood brain barrier. Most people need a higher maintainance dose than conventional medical recommendations. I use a very absorbable liquid form of Vitamin D in my office that almost always shows follow up levels on the higher end of normal and patients have a much greater feeling of well being with the higher values.