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Results of some FITs (food intolerance tests)

Written By Martin S Gildea DC CFMP DACBN on July 24, 2019

I know it has been a few months since my last post but we have been implementing brain training therapy (neurofeedback) in the office. We finally started having patients send in their FIT (food intolerance test) and the results have started to come back. One common theme is that most people, my wife Becky and I included, unfortunately have been frequently eating the foods coming back postive on the test! It is no wonder people have symptoms they cannot seem to blame on something. You can have ANY symptom from eating something that you are sensitive to. 

Now, as far as what to do after the results come in, it is true about having to change some things in your daily menu by avoiding the positive/ intolerant foods. However,  if you feel or perform better doing so than I think the sacrifice is well worth it. One positive food per week is to be re-introduced into the diet after 4-6 months of avoiding it. Then in 6-8 months the FIT is repeated hoping to see the original intolerance much less or even gone.  

There is also a meal plan showing one full week of meals, at three per day, to give people an example of what they should be eating. 

I urge EVERYONE to do these tests. You just do not know otherwise and could really be doing yourself harm. Before I started having patients doing  the FIT,  I had one patient with a blood cancer marker twice as high as it should be. I had her taking supplements based on her blood work. She also was on a lower sugar/carb, glutenfree diet. On the next blood test, the cancer marker was the same. Then we ordered the FIT and she followed the dietary recommendations and avoided the recommended foods. On her next bloodwork, the cancer marker was less than half and in the normal range! 

So what does that tell me? It reinforced what I was already thinkiing; your diet is one of the most, if not the most, important thing you need to change in order to protect yourself from getting a chronic/degenerative disease such as cancer. If you continually eat things that your body does not want, it causes inflammation. As time goes on it becomes chronic inflammation. It is this inflammation that leads to disease(s).

I should mention that there are other companies out there who do food sensitivity testing. A collegue of mine tried about four other major companies and liked KBMO far better than the others. His recommendation is what led me to them. I also want to mention that occasionally, I hear from patients that they already had a food sensitivity study done from some on-line company where you do not need to go through a doctor's office. They said it is much cheaper doing it that way but I want to point out the differences between companies such as this and KBMO so you are well informed when deciding to do food intolerance testing. 

Both KBMO and one much cheaper on-line company I will refer to as company x measure IGGI-4, the part of the immune system measuring exposure, however, KBMO also measures the downstream part of the immune system which measures true inflammation. By measuring both these pathways, KMBO eliminates the false postives associated with IGG allowing them to zero in on 5-15 of the key foods instead of over 20 foods company x typically finds.

The KBMO test is patterned  and invented by Dr. Brent Dorval PhD, MIT who also invented the first rapid HIV diagnostic test. So KBMO has 15 on board standards and controls.  Company x has none which is a big problem from a quality control standpoint.

KBMO provides an individual meal plan for each patient and a patient application on their phone to aid compliance. Companyx has neither. 

KBMO has just run a 100 patient IRB sponsored clinical study and showed dramatic improvement over both ALCAT and IGG only testing-like the same limited  IGG testing company x runs.

Finally, KBMO  is the lab. Thus, they make the plates and source all of the organic foods which gives them complete control. They do not outsource the running of the test and making the plates which causes quality control issues. 

Call our office today to get a kit for this life changing test.